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Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Venice Sketches

I have done an enormous dump to flickr tonight but I will space the posts here out a little...
So time for a short break from Rome for some venice Sketches. Was a whole week in Venice with Eza - the best imaginable sketching companion!
0916TH_05 San Marco!
Our first sketch in Venice!! Wow! Pity I had a migraine coming on when I did this and couldn't do it justice.
0917FR_02 S Giacomo Dell' Orio
S Giacomo Dell' Orio - amazingly the only time when it was really wet when I was sketching the whole trip was two in Venice. But still we sketched...
0918SA_01 San Marco Ext Queue
San Marco - sketched while standing in the queue waiting for it to open.
0918SA_02 San Marco Int1
The interior of San Marco - I have to admit that I made it a little brigther than it was on the day- it was very grey and dark outside.
0920M_10 Grand Palace
Palace on the Grand Canal - of course it is hard to find spots to sketch from - I think you need your own boat to sketch many of the masterpieces along the canal.
0918SA_10 Concert3
Special moment was a free concert - not the standard tourist type. I will write more about this later.
0921TU_06 SG Maggiore Ext
SG Maggiore - a Palladian masterpiece.
0922WE_05 Canal View
On our last evening we walked for over half an hour trying to find a good spot to sit and sketch a typical local bridge - it is really hard to find them. Taking nice photos is easy in comparison.

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  1. Lovely sketches. Why not make sketches for THE SECOND VENICE too?

    THE SECOND VENICE (Venezia Due) -
    A humorous masterpiece -
    by Askin Ozcan