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Friday, August 27, 2010

Palette update

5 weeks in to my 11 week holiday.

I am already well into my SECOND French ultramarine ( 2nd column two
down) and burnt sienna( 3rd coulm 3 down) and just put in a new raw
sienna. The only colour that I have concerns about is the Daniel smith
serpentine green- don't think that I will find something on the way.
Btw I am finding the consistency of the w&n pan quite different in
Scotland. Maybe the constant use and the humidity in the air is maybe
them lovely and gooey!!!!

Btw I am now on my longest holiday ever. Still cruising along! Doesn't
seem like 5 weeks yet my wonderful time in the states seems like a
different trip.


  1. I'm just glad to tag along via your sketchbook.

  2. What an adjustment work will be!! Ooo, sorry I lost my mind and mentioned that not to be mentioned word!