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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fwd: Dun carolway sketches

Did this one work? What other posts didn't work? Seems to be ok on my flickr

Took me a few days to finish this spread by add the plan and section. 

The top sketch I painted on location - it was somewhat crazy as it was so windy that twice the wind blew water from my wee container onto the page. But I am determined to paint in all conditions (time is the only restraint that sometimes prevents me) and not to use waterbrushes unless it is an absolute necessity as they wash the watercolor out too much.

One of the small comments of this trip that has made a big impact was mistress of longears saying that Kate Johnson uses "juicy" mixes. I have that word in my head everytime I paint and find it hard to achieve the same with a waterbrush. 

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  1. No image here, Liz. I'll treat myself to a visit to your Flickr later.