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Sunday, August 22, 2010

BB and Black pudding

I bought some Macleod and Macleod original stornoway black pudding for
us. We had some for breakfast this morning and it was sensational!!!
Of course I was training for this by having cooked breakfast every
morning in Edinburgh and having porridge here all week. There will be
some serious diet when I get home but I believe in enjoying yourself
on holiday - I do NOT Agree with gluttony but a treat Now and then
- pity the now and then are happening too close together for me at the

Btw thank you all so VERY VERY MUCH for all your comments they mean a
lot to me. Sorry I can't comment on them as I am surviving on using my
old iPhone and this week visits to cages with free wifi - but if you
do want a response please send me a Flickr mail or email me via the
email button on my profile on my blog - and I will try to respond.
(Andrea L - hope you can find this as I would love to hear from you!)

1 comment:

  1. Now I'm off to see what is in black pudding (I have heard of it though). So glad you are enjoying your trip!