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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Trip Prep 11-12 Sketchbooks

A few more pages from my Trip Prep Journal- not the most exciting pages but I am enjoying using a book for the planning - recording the journey beforehand.
Trip Prep 2010_11 Sketchbook Saga
I know you all think I am Little Miss Organised BUT somehow I didn't think to get my sketchbooks months in advance!!! Thankfully now I do have some but they are the second choice. Sadly Daler Rowney Ebony books have had a change in paper!!
Trip Prep 2010_11 Sketchbook Tests and Calcs
Here are tests that I did with 4 pages- original DR(the best but no longer available!) and new DR(the worst!) then the two alternatives, Jasart (which I have 8 of now!) and Millini - which I wish I had 8 of!
I think the my brain does strange things when I am exhausted (like the urge to sketch baroque buildings) this particular day (late Friday night) I decided to do a more mathematical estimate of the number of sketchbooks to take. I just can't imagine that I could fill all those sketchbooks - who knows I might just get TIRED of sketching half way through the trip.... mmmm do you think that is possible? I don't! I am seriously concerned at the lack of 'chill out' days!

BTW I think I will stick with 8 not 9 (3.2kg worth of paper is enough surely!)
BTW2 - For those that will point out to me that I can always buy a sketchbook on the way- it doesn't help my weight management as the tighter baggage limits are on the 2nd half of the trip. I prefer to know that I have 3.2kg the whole way!


  1. Your thought processes on the weight limits would echo my own. I am most amazed at your ability to sketch out plans and numbers. I think that appeals to the other side of my brain. Nothing wrong with sketching to your heart's desire, to my mind. You do it so much better than most!

  2. Liz: You could always pick up one of these sketchbooks. Then you'd only need to bring one!

    Sketches in the Making Giant Hardcover Sketch Book: