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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My dinner sketch

Amazing evening in Seattle with gabi Tia(&hubby) lapin Isabel and Gerard

It was a little daunting sketching my dinner - no one else did and
them when everobe started sketching each other I drew the ketchup
bottles instead!


  1. These are wonderful sketches and photos, Liz! You are SUCH an inspiration. Hope you continue to have a fabulous trip. Can't wait to see more of what you and Borromini are up to. :)

  2. Brava for the beautiful dinner sketch, Liz and they are very good looking sauce bottles too :)

    Sounds like an enviable night out.

  3. This looks like it is shaping up into a most delicious trip!

  4. Ohhhh, that must have been great fun! Lovely sketches! That salmon and cucumber salad sounds awesome.

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