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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

its Official, Its on, its started

its Official - I am going overseas again
its on - I am in big time trip preparation mode - or about to go into it
its started - a book dedicated to my 'trip preps'
its Official, Its on, its started
The cover page is a very loose world map - after doing this I realised that I should have drawn the world map with Australia at the left edge so that I could see the full trip in one view. I am not going to tell you everywhere I am going - this map might give a general idea but don't go by the locations!
Trip Prep 2010_01 Action!
First two pages are a bit plain - this is my countdown page- with lots of things to do and the days I have to do them. I am very busy putting together some blurb books of last years trip so next week I will get into more serious trip prep (how much of that is trip prep sketching I will leave to your imagination!)
Trip Prep 2010_02 What to Wear
I feel rather self conscious about making my 'what to wear' pages public - don't really know why - every one sees my boring outfits every day - why is it such a big deal if they see the entire wardrobe in one go?... so this is just the beginning- you can see that I don't bother to draw each item very carefully - I will draw things and then cross them out, draw connecting lines etc - sure you could do this by standing at your closet (wardrobe) and looking at what is in there...but drawing it is so much more fun!


  1. Your excitement lights up the day, Liz :) I'm getting as excited as you. I make huge lists of clothes and then try to eliminate half but never succeed. Maybe if I limited myself to one sketchbook page for wardrobe drawings that would do the trick.

  2. You are so organised, I never plan this much.
    Not long to go according to your planner and your trip will be for...How long???