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Saturday, June 12, 2010

100612 A new blurb book

A new blurb book just completed of my tearoom sketches...
A new blurb book

not sure if anyone else cares but I wanted to put together all my sketches for 2009. It makes me smile to flick through the pages and remember these great cups of tea, yummy cakes and wonderful chill out times during a hard and stressful year last year. Of course Borro loves it too and is hinting to me that he doesn't get taken there often enough!


  1. What a gorgeous compilation for the discriminating tea lover! Beautiful work, Liz.

  2. It's not showing up for me right now, but I loved looking through your book a couple of days ago Liz - what a pleasure, I hope you take Borro out for many more beautiful teas! I am going to investigate Blurb for a project I'm (hopefully)about to start on too.

  3. I love your first Blurb book that I bought and your T2 sketches have inspired me to try my own teashop journaling. I was only wishing yesterday that you would do a teashop sketch book and here it is...I ordered it now!

  4. FANTASTIC book, Liz! In print form, this would be a great little book for the teashop to offer for sale.