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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

100525 EDM in EDiM 25 Draw a Glass

100525 EDM in EDiM 25 Draw a Glass
Not that interested in this one... now if I had a glass teapot I would have had thinking of not bothering tonight and then I saw a glass that would only take me 5 minutes to draw- after all I can't continue drawing when the sands ran out could it. And it is tea related – a specific timer for the perfect cup of tea.
In fact I painted this as well within the 5 minutes. Of course it took me long to do the writing and post it...

This is part of the Everyday in May challenge - drawing something every day
in May. A group of us thought it would be fun to do a Everyday Matters (EDM)
challenge each day using EDM 1-31. The list is here

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  1. Very clever Liz. Love your paintings. Love tea. This EDM is so much fun. Thanks for starting it, even if I am behind.

  2. Yes the glass was not inspiring, but BRAVO you soldiered on - got an interesting sketch done too. The end is near,then back to sporatic inspiration (for me) but we will look back with a sense on accomplishment completing 31 deliberate days!!