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Saturday, May 15, 2010

100515 Sketchcrawl 27

warning - long post today!!!!
Here are my sketches from the sketchcrawl today... I LOVE sketching...but all this scanning is a bit of a chore!
Needless to say it was a wonderful day!!!
And it also made me aware yet again how much I love my hometown and our stunning harbour. It was a big day for Sydeny - the harbour and the Opera House was the stage for the homecoming of Jessica Watson - 16yr old girl who has sailed around the world. We missed out on all the action - but there is no avoiding it on the TV!
100515 Sketchcrawl27_01 Summary
100515 Sketchcrawl27_02 Setting up for Jess
100515 Sketchcrawl27_03 Meeting
100515 Sketchcrawl27_04 Rocks1
100515 Sketchcrawl27_05 Rocks2
100515 Sketchcrawl27_06 Rocks3
100515 Sketchcrawl27_07 Lunch
100515 Sketchcrawl27_08 Customs House
100515 Sketchcrawl27_09 Afternoon Tea

And here are some photos - special thanks to Lisa for taking the photos of me in action.
100515 Rocks Sketching
100515 Sketchers and sketchbooks
100515 Custom House Sketching 01
100515 Custom House Sketching 03

I decided to post this photo too:
100515 Custom House Sketching 04
once again I have that classic sketchers squint expression - very flattering isn't it?!? You can tell that I don't take myself too seriously!
The non-sketching part of Sydney were taken up with Jessica Watson
100515 Jessica's homecoming


  1. A most fabulous day looks to have been had by all! You sure turned out quite a few gorgeous sketches too!

  2. Oh Liz, I can't work out what I'm most jealous of - your being there or your fantastic ability to capture it all. Gorgeous spread and I love seeing the photos too.

  3. Thanks Autumn Leaves- as always!!!
    Robyn - we wish you were there too!!!!

  4. Fabulous sketches. I love all the architectural drawings you did.

    It looks like you had a great day. Thanks for sharing the photos too.

  5. Wow, I absolutely love your sketches!! They are amazing and I could have read on and on, it wasn't too long at all. I wish I could have gone with you!!

  6. What a amazingly fabulous way to spend the day. Your pictures are so beautiful and free looking. I love the style of your work. How fun to also have the pictures of you working. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Gorgeous, wonderful sketches Liz! And so great seeing the photos...capturing a bit of the flavor of the day...!

  8. that looks great, a beautiful insight into what looks like a most memorable day with most excellent sketches too

  9. I'm so impressed with your sketches - they're just wonderful! nancy

  10. Wow, I am totally speechless. These are just so fantastic!

  11. Great work, your sketches perfectly capture Sydney sights - I can see you've had a wonderful day. Jill (just home from Kurrajong Art in Action - also a great weekend)

  12. If your day was anywhere near as sunny as your sketches, it must have been a great day to be out!

    Love your watercolour style - it inspires. Can't wait to see more.

  13. Wow, you seem to have had a great day! And I just love the sketches, really nice architectural details!

  14. Great stuff as usual, Liz! I dunno why, I thought you used a smaller sketchbook. Hope you enjoyed the day as much as we enjoy your art :)

  15. WOW! I am so extremely envious! Not only did you have a great big group for sketch crawl, you get to sketch in Sidney! I was there once when I was 12, which was quite a while ago, and I would really like to go back some day. It's a beautiful city!

    Great sketches, and it looks like you had a wonderful day!

  16. Wow,I love your sketches! The architectural drawings are so amazing! It looks like the Sketchcrawl was tons of fun. Thanks for including the pics. I think we all get either that squint or the blank I'm-lost-in-my-drawing stare.

  17. Your sketches are really truly awesome!