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Friday, April 23, 2010

100423 Architecture Conference

100423 Conference and CuppaAlthough extremely tired after a long day at the National Architecture Conference, I caught up with my sketching friend Alissa for a cuppa before going home - nice to catch up on art things after a day of architecture. I was too tired to sketch my cuppa (or so I thought) but I felt so weird watching her sketch that in the end I did a quick one. And then once home, even though more tired I felt the urge to do a sketch of one of the buildings from today's talks - so sketchable!
100423 Conference notes

I bought a moleskine cahier (80pages?) to use as a notebook during the conference so I can scribble notes and quick sketches during the sessions - having to move faster than I had hoped and the lighting was sometimes minimal. I filled about 14 spreads today - no wonder I am tired - this one is probably the most interesting.


  1. Having to be on, whether with work cohorts or even with friends when having both a bad headache and being tired is a rough day in my mind, Liz. You've still managed to get in some most fabulous journaling and sketching. I'm awed, as usual.

  2. Coincidence!!! My son was at the same conference!!! (He's with CKDS Architecture).