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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

100421 Lots of Cosies

100417 Lots of cosies
Left: I made a card for Loani Proir (The Grand Purl Baa) based on all the sketches that I have done SO FAR of cosies – this was the first attempt that went through the printer I had a spare copy to stick in my book.
On the right is a cosy that I just finished – kinda inspired by Rosy Posy in Loani’s first book (Wild Tea Cosy) and using the rose pattern from the second book (Really Wild Tea Cosies). Of course as I don’t ever seem to follow a pattern things come out quite differently than expected (ie. Cosy was too tight for the lining and rose too big)

BTW What is the collective noun for tea cosies?


  1. Your tea cosy sketches are just wonderful, a breath of fresh air... um... a cuddle of tea cosies?

  2. A cuddle of cosies was my first thought as well :)

    My comment on this from Flickr, in case you prefer to answer here: All your tea-cosy drawings are making me want to make one. We don't have this type of cosy in Denmark though - the local ones are just a sort of hat you plop over the pot, and then remove when you want to pour. Can I lure you into decribing the construction of these? Does the cosy completely surround the pot, as in continuing undeneath it? As you can gather, I am intrigued! :)

  3. Hi Ea,
    These cosies are lots of fun. They just go over the pot like a hat with two openings for the spout and handle. If I want to keep the pot really warm I have a little stand with a tea candle under it!(Piping hot!) and also a USB cup warmer (oops I am not supposed to tell people that or else they will think me REALLY weird!)
    Many of the tea cosies are knitted ‘in the round’ like a sock with no seams – but I haven’t yet got around to that(bad pun but I didn’t mean it). This one is just two knitted rectangles stitched up at the side – pulled in just below the top and the rose stitched in place to form the top. Some have linings and circular tops as well – but I am still a beginner!
    Check this site out for more pictures and inspiration -

  4. Oh my! These are just gorgeous!! Tea cozy heaven!

  5. Thank you for the explanation - I think a tea cosy will be my next project when the knitting (or crocheting) urge strikes again :)

  6. What beautiful pages! I've not seen a cozy with holes either. Tooooo fun.

  7. Loani will adore your project. What a brilliant idea!