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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

100413 Yesterday and two years ago

100412 Rest Park Scribble
A really quick scribble from yesterday - I wasn't feeling great but of course I couldn't sit in the park and soak in some sun without sketching - could I?
BTW I have obscured some text using a new technique...
From an old sketchbook
Inspired by one of Hannah Hinchman’s book, 2 years ago I dedicated the first page to my moleskine to recording the weather – ie. to get in the habit of opening my sketchbook regularly. I recorded the temperature when I left home in the morning, at lunch and then in the evening when I left work or around 6-7pm. Also whether is was sunny, overcast or rainy, morning , lunch and afternoon and also the weather.
As I was digging out my old food journal, I thought I would check up on what the weather was like this time 2 years ago. I kept doing this for a few months and then it became a bit tedious!
Why do you enjoy discussing the weather so much....

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  1. Discussing weather is one thing that people share in common the world over. Love your sketchbooks, always.