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Saturday, March 27, 2010

100327 Drinking Mountains and a Really Wild Tea Cosy

100327 Drinking Mountains and a Really Wild Tea Cosy
Inspired by Szaza's Drinking Mountains post I finally got myself a sample so I could enjoy a cup of Lapsang Souchong Tea (haven't had for years and loose leaf is SO much better than Twinings) Wonky sketch but an exquisite cuppa!
Also celebrating a new exciting book! I still need to get my knitting skills up to speed so I can knit some of the wild cosies in the first book - but at least I can draw them! This is the one on the front cover.


  1. Aw shucks. Thanks Liz. Look at Elfin. He looks grand.

  2. Goodness! I just found your blog via the VPO and am just enthralled with your style. I find it fabulous! And I would guess that you are either an architect or a draftsman by trade? I used to work in the design development area of a company called Homart. Saw the architects and draftsmen at work and recognize the writing style! Can't wait to follow along!

  3. thanks so much for your kind wordsautumnleaves- yes I am an architect (the handwriting is always a giveaway!)


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