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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A summary of my trip to Europe Sept/Oct 2009

My trip sketchbooks
I thought I would put together a single post with links to all the days of my trip as an easy way of looking at it all.
I do intend to create an ISSUU publication on day (and maybe a blurb book) but I need to stop sketching in order to find the time for that... and I can't stop sketching....

So Here Goes:

Trip Prep Sketches
Sketches and decisions I made in preparation for my trip to Europe in Sept/Oct 09 are here on flickr

4 Weeks in the UK (in 3 volumes)
Day 00 - The journey Begins... the big flight Sydney to Heathrow
Day 01 - Heathrow to Cardiff - including morning tea with Gill from Journal Craft, Caerphily Castle
Day 02 - Exploring Cardiff - Cardiff castle and St Ffagans
Day 03 - Sunday in Cardiff - Tabernacle Cardiff church
Day 04 - Cardiff to Hay on Wye - Big Pit, a cup of tea and dinner...
Day 05 - Hay on Wye to Bala. Mary Jones day
Day 6 - Bala to Caernarfon via Harlech castle and award winning tearoom
Interlude - The Bear in Wales
Day 07 - Caernarfon to Llandudno
Day 08 - Wales to Newcastle (via Castle Howard - a special sketching visit!)
Day 09-10 - Weekend in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Day 11 - Reaching Scotland!!!
Day 12 - Glasgow (Kelvingrove area)
Day 13 - Glasgow (City and meeting Wil Freeborn Glasgow Urban Sketcher Correspondent)
Day 14 - Edinburgh
Day 15 - Edinburgh (meeting Stuart Kerr Urban Sketcher Correspondent and guru knitter Rachel Henderson)
Day 16 - Edinburgh - open doors days
(Day 16a - Sunday with friends - no sketching as usual... just in case you are wondering if I missed a day...I just got my numbers out of whack)
Day 17 - On the road to the isles (now don't start singing that song!?! BTW I love it!)
Day 18 - Isle of Skye
Days 19-20 Scottish West Coast
Days 21-27 Inverness and around

A week in Paris in one volume
A serious sketching holiday with my friend Eza (please visit her flickr so that you don't miss out on her great sketches!)

Title Page
Paris Day 1 - Painting Disaster, Sacre Coeur, Garnier Opera, plus food sketches
Paris Day 2: Part 1 - Water lilies, Louvre, Luxembourg gardens
Paris Day 2: Part 2 - Le Select and meeting Rick Tulka, new paint tine, Hotel des Invalides and dinner
Paris Day 3 - Arc de Triumphe, Eiffel Tower, Musee du quai Branly,Alexander Bridge, lunch and dinner as well of course
(Paris Day 4 - another Sunday and day off sketching)
Paris Day 5 - Notre dame, meeting Jan Allsop, bridge sketching, tuilieries, Sennelier art shop and purchases
Paris Day 6 - Trip to Versailles (including an attempt to sketch the hall of the mirrors - can you believe it!)
Paris Day 07 - Last day! Le Corbusier Foundation, Musee Jacquemart Andre, Laduree, and some food naturally!

Journey Home

And then Back Home:
first day back home morning
First Day back home afternoon


  1. Well done Liz! You're going to get a feature on my blogs!

  2. Fantastic! I've still had an item on my 'to-do' list to grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a journey through the pages of your trip. This will really help with that. Thanks and I wish you well on a book!!!