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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How many sketchbooks?

How many different sketchbooks?
In the last few weeks I have been trying to integrate a work/architecture sketchbook into my daily one as I had a dedicated sketchbook for inspiration architecture sitting on my desk at work and never used it.

But, after nearly three weeks of getting to work early to do some architecture sketching I am not sure that putting these type of sketches into my daily sketchbook/journal is quite working... I am using it up too quickly and filling up too many pages with buildings... Whilst I don’t think that buildings are dull... I prefer this sketchbook to be fun and a record of my life (outside of work!)

So my latest idea is to sketch in my work notebook (moleskine notebook) which I use for meetings, phone memos, notes, action lists. Apart from the fact that this paper really doesn’t take watercolour... I think that this might work better and will certainly brighten up what is quite an utilitarian book. It will also mean that I don’t have the pressure to make it a finished drawing- and can be quite rough like this page...

So how many different sketchbooks/ notebooks do you have?

Since doing the artist journal class with Kate Johnson last year I have been trying to integrate my life into the one book... But it is all about finding the right balance that works for you.


  1. I have soooo many sketchbooks all on the go at once. I'd love to think I could put it all in one book, but some of them do get long winded on the one subject and I think that would end up dominating the book which I'd have been hoping was a balanced (I'm Libran) record of my life. Consequently I'm thinking of starting yet another sketchbook! with that in mind! Ahhhgggg!

  2. Good question! I love to try out new types of sketchbooks, but I'm not as productive as a lot of the people whose sketching work I see online - it can take me quite a while to fill a sketchbook. So I had too many books in-progress ... and they were different types of books - large or small, watercolor paper or ordinary paper, etc. I also had a basic sketchbook that I was using to take notes and make to-do lists. I couldn't carry all these books around with me in case I wanted to use one - and that was keeping me from sketching/writing. So I resolved to start a new book that would be a journal/notebook/sketchbook all in one place. I'm using a brand sketchbook, which has very versatile paper (not as heavy as the Moleskine watercolor books but still able to take washes), and my one rule is that every page must contain at least one sketch. I'm just 15 pages into it, but already I love having everything in one place!!

  3. Thanks Jan and Matthew – I totally agree with the problem of having the one subject dominating too much - often for me it is large area of I like Matthew’s rule of a sketch on every page..which is something I am trying to do. I dedicate the back pages of my book to the to-do and shopping lists (with decorating sketches of course)
    BTW I am absolutely loving adding more sketches to my work moleskine notebook... So now I have only 2 – A personal sketchbook and a work notebook/sketchbook – both full of sketches and text....