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Saturday, February 20, 2010

100220 Zoo visit 2 and things

My second visit to the zoo - I have now got my moneys worth of my yearly membership!
100222 ZOO2_01
I am still in the 'have to see everything' mood and am therefore enjoying looking at the animals rather than being seriously committed to sketching. I only arrived after lunch (another great feature of a yearly membership - don't need to make a big day of it)
100222 ZOO2_02
Hard to sketch when animals move so much and/or crowds block my view - maybe next time I will sit in the one place for a hour or so and if no action sketch the enclosure.
100222 ZOO2_03
So, I sketched some architecture as it doesn't move... even the croc changed facial expression while I was sketching.
100222 Crazy sketch of The Manor
While in Mosman, I went for a random drive and had to sketch this place from the safety and comfort of my own car.Didn't have much time so I went into crazy scribble mode. Totally out of control

I knew it wasn't a private home so did some research since getting home - its known as The Manor and is it home to a Theosophist community - I guessed it was something along those lines.
Amazing the unexpected places you find when you just go exploring....
100222 Morning at home
BTW, I had a morning at home. I have been doing some research for next Saturday's sketchcrawl. We are going to sketch along Macquarie St so I have been reading up on early Australian Architecture - been lovin' it and getting a real buzz from understanding the hardships in those early days and relating it to places and things I know (was never that interested in local history as a kid...)
This is just a doodle I did of Elizabeth Farm while reading my book - this is the oldest building in Australia.

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  1. Fabulous. We used to have a small zoo here but it closed down. I used to go to draw the camels. Fabulous creatures to draw. Love your giraffe!