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Friday, February 19, 2010

100219 Friday night randomness

100219 Friday night randomness
A page in response to Suzanne’s challenge I put together this page during 8-9pm tonight – on the left hand side of the page was a strip of traffic trauma therapy sketching from my journey home – I did a photoshop invert to make the terrible sketches look a little more interesting.
Rather too ‘cute’ collection of colours... Just the way it came out... And I haven’t actually finished my tea cosy yet – just the green bits.


  1. Hi Liz---
    Loved your drawing when I saw it earlier in the week and wanted to include it in my post...but it looks as though you are having some flickr issues. Any ideas?

  2. Oops - link was broken - fixed now!

  3. I really liked your contribution to the sketch exercise! great colors and the 'awful' sketch inverted was a great idea...i was drawn in by the color and detail and angles.


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