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Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Remains of the Day Journal

Over the Xmas break I joined a very cool online class called Remains of the Day by Mary Ann Moss - see here. It is something completely different - making journals out of scrap paper and sewing them together - and I signed up because I have been wanting to include more collage in my sketchbooks.
The class turned out to be the most fun I have had in ages - can't tell you how much of a buzz I got out of the sewing the scraps together and now I am filling it up, it is just as much fun.
So finally... here are some images of it....
Remains of the Day Journal_Closed

Remains of the Day Journal_Cover Outside
My Remains of the Day Journal Cover - the first bit of sewing I have done in probably a decade. There are lots of things that I would do differently next time.
100104 Finished Journal
My finished journal - I was in a rush to finish it before going away to the beach for a week so took a few photos before I left.

100104 Pages01
100104 Pages02
100104 Pages03
100104 Pages05
100104 Pages04
Some of my pages from the journal. I put them all together in one afternoon so didn't have time to think too much - just went for it! Every second spread uses blank watercolour paper as its base but generally there is not much left - so I will have to sketch small!
I put the journal together without any thought as to how the spreads would go together - this could have been better - but oh well....
BTW my do-dads are mainly tickets from my overseas trips which I have not known what to do with.

My first attempts at actually using the journal when I was on holidays....

My first spread in my rotd journal
Wow. It is a real adventure to fill in my remains of the day journal.
It is nice to have some blank spaces - if not I have lots of postcard
wc paper to sketch on.
I wish I had had time to print off some labels before I left for holidays. I was still using my normal sketchbook so shuffling between two journals was a challenge - my ROTD was just a selection of small random events/ objects.

100107 RotD Teapots and Cosies
This journal is so much fun to work in... I either have to sketch small and constrained to fit within the white space left on the watercolour pages... or I sketch on postcard size WC paper and stick in.
My first attempt of free motion stitching on paper wasn't quite as successful as I had hoped - but did I think of doing a practice, not me!

100107 RotD One Page sequence
I know this is long and skinny - click on image and then on flickr hit the all sizes to see full size..but I am trying to explain the sequence of one page - so much fun to work with. BTW I was on holiday and watching the cricket (I hardly ever sit down and watch it so it was a treat and my journal is full of score updates as a result!)
So much fun... and I haven't even finished this page yet!

... All this was done in the first week in Jan and on Thursday night I decided to have a look at it again...

100121 More ROTD Pages 01
100121 More ROTD Pages 02
100121 More ROTD Pages 03
I got the orange thread back in my sewing machine and did a few bits and pieces in my Remains of the Day journal. This is just a total random way to work - but I love it!
I have decided to use it on a part time basis and not chronologically either - so it will be a collage of the trivia in my life!

And then last night I took it out with me instead of my usual sketchbook.
100122 Circular Quay
A quick sketch of a cruise ship departing Circular Quay, Sydney this evening – stuck into my Remains of the Day journal. I have turned the page around so you can see the sketch the right way. Ticket from a visit to Norway in Sept 09 has been folded out.
100122 The Rocks by Moonlight 01
100122 The Rocks by Moonlight 02

Had a fun evening with two friends tonight and did a few quick sketches to fill up a spread in my Remains of the Day is hard to explain in scans what an adventure it is to fill this up!


  1. Hi Liz!

    I am in ROD class also and am totally in awe of your beautiful journal you have made. I am so excited to see you use it in your own special way with your sketches. You should be proud of your journal and I hope you continue to use more and more.

  2. Hi Liz
    Your pages are awesome. I love your watercolor sketches. You are totally giving your journal a great deal of tlc.

  3. Oh Liz - these pages absolutely beautiful. The sketches addsso much color and depth to the overall journal. They really give meaning to those days that have past. You are an inspiration.

  4. You've done a great job with making pages that will work as a different type of sketchbook. I really like that you are doing your own thing rather than following the crowd.

  5. Liz, your ROd journal is amazing. I just love your amazing sketches. You're so talented!

  6. I see several classmates have made the same type comment about making some changes to their base page on the "next one". I think knowing HOW the journal will be used has a definite impact on the assembly and paper choices. I like how you added the wc paper to allow for your sketches which I find quite delightful. Thank you for sharing these pages.

  7. I love the sketches you have made for your ROD book. Truly inspiring and wonderful to look at. I better get going with mine. Thanks for posting them.

  8. I love your pages! I don't have my signatures sewn together yet as I just joined on the 15th. I DOOO love this class. Thanks for sharing your pages...

  9. I think you are doing great with your journal. I have yet to use mine. Actually, I still need to sew in the signatures!

  10. Absolutely wonderful! I loved all the pictures! thank you so much for sharing! I feel like I've just eaten a great big box of yummy chocolate!

  11. Beautiful!!!!
    Congratulations Liz !