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Saturday, January 30, 2010

100130 Zoo and Balmoral

Not only do I need to draw people - but I want to be able to draw animals better - so I became a member of the Zoo (Taronga Zoo, Sydney,) and went for 1.5 hours this afternoon. Not really there long enough to get into the swing of sketching fast moving animals.
100130 Zoo Animals

So... I decided to draw some architecture...

100130 Zoo Elephant House

but wasn't meant to be completed
100130 Zoo Monkeys then Balmoral
Next I went to the spider monkeys and scribbled for a bit. It was then closing time so I went down to Balmoral beach, for a wander and a sketch and a....
100130 Balmoral Cuppa
cup of tea. Was intending to just draw the view...but I couldn't resist - could I? It is a week since I last posted a tea sketch.

Almost forgot...
100130 Zoo Main Building
On the way out of the zoo, I did another architecture sketch.


  1. Well, these are all wonderful! I love your art. I always enjoy seeing how you practice when you're learning something new. Inspiring! The landscape coupled with the tea setting inside is beautiful.

  2. Great sketches Liz - I particularly like that one of Balmoral Beach.

    I remember taking my niece age 3 to Taronga Zoo for her birthday. It's such a great setting for a zoo. I seem to remember some very naughty chimps as well!