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Thursday, December 24, 2009

091224 Another day in Town

091224 Sketching in Town 1
I am trying to pretend that I am on one of my adventure holidays in another state or country so that I don't waste time just hanging at home... so today I had another sketching day in the city. This time with a friend, Wendy (quirkyartist on flickr). Spent the first two hours at the courtyard cafe at Sydney Hospital
091224 Sketching in Town 2
The general view from our table - Sydney Hospital.
Once again I have to be careful with the harsh Australian light... really trying to push myself to do more perspectives and complicated scenes.
091224 Sketching in Town 3
Next location was in sitting on a bench in the shade looking towards an historic church. Lovely cool breeze blowing on a warm day.
St James Church, Sydney
091224 Sketching in Town 4
After lunch (I did not draw lunch!) we went to Hyde Park and I sketched St Mary's cathedral. This is a nice little section of Sydney! A great day.
091224 Afternoon tea (T2)
Then I did a bit of shopping and ended up at... T2 tearoom AGAIN! Do you realise in my first 2 days of holiday I have had 3 tearoom experiences!?! This is my last T2 visit for this year.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

091223 A day in Town

091223 Special High Tea QVB 01
Being a tourist in my own city today – I hardly ever go into the city to sketch but today I did. Had afternoon tea at the supposed best tearoom in Sydney – it was nice but over priced. A grand space... Was originally the ballroom
Queen Victoria Building Sydney
091223 Special High Tea QVB 02
Gluten free high tea was easily eaten by me (ie. Proves the servings are not that generous!) and the teapot was a bit small. I much prefer tea in a diffuser that can be taken out or plunged down – so I found the second cup of the fancy tea too bitter.

091223 Sydney Town Hall Side View

I then went to sketch the building closest to Paris .. Sydney Town Hall 1886 in “Victorian Second Empire” French style– wow so complicated harder to draw than the Garnier Opera House! Admittedly I am out of practice and got weary before I finished – also not used to the harsh Australian light... Will have to remember to go easier on the shadows!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

091222 Let the summer holidays begin!

Last Night:
091221 Holiday Sketchbook
Getting ahead of myself.... I still have one day at work to get through but I just wanted to get the title page done so I can start my holiday sketchbook the moment I leave work (if I want to that is!)
I think that I will use my Daniel Smith paints and really get to know them - having said that the burnt and raw siennas have been replaced with W7N since the DS ones I got I just can't use. Also that French Ultramarine will need filling up.

Funny that in the last 6 months or so I noticed that I really tunnel a hole in the centre of the pans.

BTW I drew this palette huge size to go to the edge of the page... it is jumping out me and saying "paint paint!!"
091222 Holidays and T2 01
091222 Holidays and T2 02
What is a better way can you tell me to start a summer holiday than by a visit to T2
(this is a loose Liz version of Kenneth Mckellars opening line of the Songs of the Hebrides... for those of you who know what I am referring to - why that came into my head I have no idea - the fact that I know the opening line is in itself a rare thing for an Australian my age!!!)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

091219 Weekend sketches

just two really quick sketches in my journal this weekend... so far...
091218 Cuppa after dinner
091219 Saturday shopping

091214 Monday night scribbling

Trying the blog this feature from flickr...

Felt like doing some scribbling last night as I got a replacement Lamy pen for the one I damaged... naturally I felt like sketching some architecture and this building (which I have in fact been too) seemed topical as Frank O Gehry was in Sydney last week.
Nothing like the excitement of a new pen - even though the nib hasn't been worn in yet.
The piece of collage on the side is part of the lamy box if you were wondering.

I have had lots of ideas that I want to do for my journal pages in the last 2 weeks - but if it is not quick and spontaneous it just does not get done....

Thursday, December 17, 2009

091217 Finished with Paris?

091217 Finished with Paris?
No... Not quite yet – just had to do a sketch from one of the many photos I took in October to celebrate finishing the big scanning posting job of the last 2 months. Yay!!! Another one of my scribbling end of the day relaxing sketches. I did put a bit of pencil down first but I then mainly ignore it and let my pen does what it wants to do!

The End of my wonderful trip

Paris08_01 Last Paris Breakfast
Final breakfast before leaving Paris and coffee in KL...
Paris08_02 Nearly home
Final sketch of the trip.... the end of my 4 volume sketchbook adventure!!!

Paris Day 07 - Last Day in Paris!

Going for the huge dump to upload all my remaining sketches tonight
Paris07_01 Map
Visit to a Le Corbusier buidling. This was my second time and it was interesting the changes since last time. Once again trying to work too quickly and I wish I had been able to sit.
Do I have to say that it is REALLY SPECIAL to be in a Le Cord building - the space is just so amazing!! I love this house!!!!
Paris07_02 Le Corb
Paris07_04 Le Corb
Paris07_03 Le Corb

Ws really thankful that Rick suggested this museum - it was wonderful. Eza and I sat at opposite sides of the stair and drew it through the mirror. I even snuck my paint tin out and painted it on location as there was no guards around!
Paris07_06 Final Musee
Paris07_07 Final Museeand sketch with Eza
Paris07_08 Special Treat
Special treat to finish my Paris holiday!!!! This is a totally 'paris breakfast' inspired experience!
Paris07_05 Food
Running out of pages so I combined my food together on one page.
Very sad to part from Eza and be on my own.... so of course I sketched my dinner for company!

Final sketch together with Eza - worked REALLY quickly for this one

Paris Day 06 _ Trip to Versailles

Day trip to Versailles... I wasn't that keen on anything I saw... and I think that it is reflected in my sketches...
Paris06_01 Map
Paris06_02 Waiting
Paris06_03 Versailles View
Paris06_04 Versailles Crowds
Paris06_05 Versailles Palace 01
Paris06_06 Versailles Palace 02
Trying the impossible - drawing in the hall of mirrors! This was the only part of the palace that I liked particularly.
Paris06_07 Versailles Inside
Paris06_08 Versailles Palace more...
Paris06_09 Last dinner with Eza
Dinner at the end of the day....

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Paris Day 5

Paris05_01 Map

Another map page - I think it is so much nicer draw a unique map for each day rather than simply drawing the route on a generic map for the week (this is what I used to do)
Paris05_02 Notre Dame Rear
Rick Tulka told us that another Australian flickr friend Jan Allsop (JanandRoly) was in Paris so thanks to iphone technology we were able to meet up and sketch together. It was so much fun - not only meeting another fellow sketcher but an Australian - apart from my sister, I had not come across another Australian in a month and it made me even a fraction homesick - it is not just the accent, or Jan's comment about wearing singlets to keep warm but the whole Australianess which you realise is unique when not surrounded by it.
About the sketch, we sat on a bench and sketched the rear of Notre Dame - chatting all the time - I think I did my fair share of the talking and once again am surprised how well the sketch came out considering how I wasn't concentrating too hard (I think that I was only about to do this as I had been sketching non stop for the last 4 weeks)
BB& 3 sketchers
Paris05_03 ND Lunch
During my week in Paris, I tried to sneak in a second sketch from each location because although I was slowing down, I was still generally faster than Eza. On this occasion with Jan and Eza and doing so much talking I didn;t have that much extra time so only got a small part started (on the right)
After an hour sitting out in the autumn weather I was freezing - so some warm soup hit the spot- nice tea pot!
Paris05_04 ND Front
Next the front of the grand cathedral.....
Paris05_05 view from front of ND
and then looking the opposite direction from the same spot
Paris05_06 Pont Neuf
Then another bridge sketch from a bridge
Paris05_07 Institu de Francejpg
And once again a second sketch from the same spot
Paris05_08 Tuileries view 1
To finish off the day... we sat in one of those green chairs and sketched the view from the Tuileries. I just love this part of Paris!
I was feeling a bit tired and cold and therefore didn't feel like doing a careful sketch - made a mess of it ... though now not having the view in front of me no one knows how out of whack it really is.
Paris05_09 Tuileries view 2
Second page from the same spot...

Somewhere during those sketches we had a little shopping interlude.

Sennelier Art Store

SO glad that Jan told us about Picasso's art store... wow what a wonderful place to visit... just as well I don't like in Paris - I think I would like to visit this place too much!
Paris05_10 Second new paint tin
Of course I had to make a purchase - I told myself that the first W&N set was a replacement - this one was my souvenir from Paris.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Paris Day 03

Paris03_01 Map
Plan for today - sketch as much as possible (whats new- that was our plan every day) and not work quite as far.
I often find drawing maps a real chore...but now I just go for it - even if that means making a big blunder like I did here with the position of the Champs-Élysées!
Paris03_02 Arc de Triumphe
As the text says... I just had to draw my breakfast now that I had paint!!!
I suddenly decided that I really enjoy drawing people at the base of my buidlings - not only does it solve the problem of trying to draw what you can't actually see, but by doing quick outlines like these it records the reality of too many tourists in a more subtle way than they are in real life
Paris03_03 Effiel Tower
From one famous monument to another - we were totally looking into the sun here as you can tell from the womam on the right holding up a map to block the sun out of here husbands camera lens. I love the colour of the eiffel tower - a real shock on my first trip to Paris. I think all Sydneysiders expect ever famous steel monument to be painted harbour bridge grey!
Paris03_04 Musee de Quai Branly
Now for sometime a bit more contemporary and different - a new museum by Jean Nouvel - we sat on the floor to sketch this and the guards didn't seem to mind - didn't risk using my paints though.
Paris03_05 In search of teapots
While Eza finished her sketch I went in search of... guess what!?! So predictable I know.... I think this page is rather cute and it always jumps out at me when I flick through my book - maybe because it is simple with lots of white space...or maybe it is because it contains teapots.
Paris03_06 Soup and The Earl Grey
Next it was time to search for lunch and actually use a teapot. A rare example of collage in my book...
Paris03_07 Alexander Bridge 01
I really felt uneasy sketching on a bridge - fear of losing my pen or paint tin or sketchbook - even when we positioned ourselves in a safer part over grass below I still didn't like it. So I finished my sketch as quickly as possible and started something else...
Paris03_08 Alexander Bridge 02
Ah - totally in my comfort zone sketching the subject on the left... this just came out so quickly and easily....
Paris03_09 a nice dinner
What a busy day we had had... and to finish off, we just had to sketch at dinner! I think this ended up being our most productive day... pretty special!