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Saturday, June 20, 2009

090620 Museum Sketching

090620 AM6 Superb Parrot
090620 AM5 Swamp Hen

My two sketching friends and I found a wonderful place to go and sketch on a very wet winter's day. The Australian Museum in Sydney has a Search and Discover Section where we were able pick whatever specimen we liked in the room and bring it to the bench we were stting at and sketch - which is exactly what we did all day. Here are two of my birds...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tokyo String Quartet in Action

Ok... I have been slack again but here is a post about Saturday night

090613 Concert1_RecitalHall
On Saturday I went to a concert in the Sydney Recital Hall of the Tokyo String Quartet and intended to do a few sketches. This sketch I did before the performance started with the colour added during the programme.

I have only started to draw people in the last few months – before then I was a bit afraid even to make an attempt. Thanks to my determination during the daily challenge I set myself in May I am now excited to have achieved enough confidence to at least have a go – and sitting at an aisle seat (exposed to numerous people behind me!) was a good test for me!

090613 Concert2
090613 Concert3

I love classical music but am not particularly musical and don’t know much about string quartets – however, I have decided that it is quite exciting to see them performed! Not only do I love to see the music - string instruments are so descriptive in this way – but with only 4 performers on the stage, you really get to know them and their characteristic movements during the evening. I had great time trying to sketch them in action and then quietly opened my metal watercolour tin to add the colour with a waterbrush in the dim, but adequate lighting. Sketching adds so much to an experience- doesn't it?

090613 Concert4
To top the evening off, I was able to show my sketches to all members of the Tokyo String Quartet and got them to sign a page that I have sketched of them beforehand. They were all rather pleased I made them look so youthful!

As for the programme.... I sketched the composers before as part of my research.

We had only gotten the tickets two days before so for the last 24 hours I have been listening to the pieces (except of the Vine one) in the background hoping that I will get to know them a bit better.