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Monday, March 23, 2009

090323 Ca' Rezzonico

I rarely give up on a drawing late at night.... But tonight I am just WAY too tired to finish this here is a work in progress of another Venetian palace. Notice how I am not particularly systematic as I build up the sketch...especially when tired!

090321 Stay tuned

I have done a lot of the hard work in looking and understanding how the building is put together ‘all’ that remains to be done is to draw it...sounds so simple...doesn’t it!?! (a bit of sarcasm here!?!)


090323 Ca' Rezzonico
ok... here is the finished sketch. What was I thinking to attempt this late on Saturday evening!! This sketch is seriously all over the place.
Whilst I can't say that it was totally relaxing to do this after another LONG day at work I did get a bit of a buzz from finishing it!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

090320 SS Redentore

Oh! I just love doing sketches of Italian high renaissance or baroque architecture – pity I am doing these from photos..... (so much for not feeling like doing anything I have to force myself to go to bed and get some sleep!!!)

090320 SS Redentore

090321 This week

I am trying to make sure that my blog is up to date at the end of each week.... so here goes for the sketches I have done such my last post.
090314 Kids PlayArea
Our annual church picnic- I managed to make this quick sketch while on 'Aunt duty' (such an enjoyable duty!) but then got into a few lengthy conversations and so didn't get a chance to open my sketchbook again all day!
090317 RestPark Visit
The kids play area in most local parks are so sophisticated these days - a lot improved from the swing and slippery dip of my childhood. Often they have sail cloth overhead - this one was adequately shaded and so didn't need that.

I love the way a spread in your journal can incorporate 2 different events....and yet have a link in an unexpected way.
On Sunday I wrote a few quotes after finishing the biography I have been reading on and off in the last few months.
Today, I went to my local park at lunch- which is a rest park.
090318 Gaudi or Self Portrait
Entitled - Gaudi or Self Portrait
Jessica Wesolek of the Love this journal classes says not to record negative things in your journal...hence I drew a picture a nice architectural picture of a building that I love to express how I felt...
very distressed neck, oppressive helmet on my head and dark hollow eyes... no really it wasn't that bad!! I just need a day or two off work!!!!
090319 Random Page
Having fun with my inktense - sometimes it is a bit of surprise when I add the water.
Sometimes I have no idea where my layout will lead me as I am working on the run!
090320 Friday Night Scribble
The result of a hard week at work (in fact a very hard three weeks!)
Oh! I love ink and wash or rather ink and inktense - even if you totally destory the inkwork you can still have fun with the inktense.
BTW this page scanned so bright - I have dropped the saturation so it is a little more accurate.
BTW 2 - there is no skin colour in inktense
BTW 3 - don't believe what I wrote...I am just about to have a cuppa!
090320 Teacup Collection_01 I ended up having a cup of tea and then drawing a few of them. I have a wonderful book full of collectible cups- I am going through and making up an imaginary collection based on one of every colour....
(I often forget to rub out my pencil lines before I scan... Sometimes I couldn’t be bothered to re-scan it – tonight is one of those occasions)
090320 Weekly Spread
I am really enjoying getting back to do a weekly spread – on Monday, I think of something that is unique to the week and then record random and mainly extremely trivial things that happen each day - it is fun to re-read at a later date the things that I thought to record at the time....sometimes the most trivial things trigger the most enjoyable memories!

Friday, March 13, 2009

090313 T2 tearoom visit 3

090313 Third T2 visit

Not surprising that this place is my favourite cafe - tearoom in fact! The eclectic use of colour reflects the style of the place which is mainly red and black with Chinese influence - I didn't add the bright red table that I was sitting at!

Next time I hope to get a seat with a good view... though it will be hard for me to resist sketching what is on my table - you always get a different cup or pot - so exciting!!! (ok...I am a worry - it is just a cup of tea!)

Here are the other two visits

090313 A new hobby

090313 EDM214 My New Hobby
Haven't done an EDM challenge for a long time but couldn't resist this one!!!

Using my inktense... they are wonderful but will take a bit of time to get used to which colour to use - plus I love keeping my pencils in order and so it is rather tedious putting them away after use!

090313 Armchair Travelling

Revisiting some places where I have been....
090309 Memories of Spain
090310 Dreaming of Venice
090312 Memories from Norway
090313 Memories of Paris
Needless to say... I want to go back to all these places!!