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Saturday, February 28, 2009

090228 A busy journal day

Not sure what triggers my weekend migraine-like headaches...but I don’t seem to be able to avoid them at the moment.
090228 A Headache

A bit of a girl page... The text says it all. I am absolutely loving the portrait format of my journal but the cartridge paper is a bit limiting – and of course I have to fill the page with large areas of wash... The paper does bubble a bit but I can cope with it. Let me know if anyone knows of a portrait format hardbound journal with watercolour paper – I might have to try the handbook again....
090228 Handbag Dilemma

Thankfully I started to feel better in the afternoon as my nephews came around – I sketch while they ran around the backyard – last day of summer so just had to be outside.
090228 In the garden

Went to the suburb where I spent the first 7 years of my life this evening to do my guerrilla photography assignment for the week. Of course, I had to do a quick sketch as well.
It is rather tragic when a significant landmark building (of your childhood) is demolished but even worse when there is a sad and lonely portion remaining to remind you of what is no more....
090228 Unwanted Steeple

090228 FInal two cups for the month

Here is the most precious cup which was given to me from my great aunt a few years ago. She passed away last year and I did a page on her here
But it was worth drawing the cup again! It is so beautiful and rather worn...which really adds to its charm.

090227 My Most Precious Cup TaD27

Here it is - my final cup for the month....posted early in the day as I have a busy day ahead - hopefully with some sketching.
I got my mum to raid her cupboards for me and this was the best I could find. The original has a strong cream background and is very worn - this spread makes it look far prettier than it is in real life. it is strange to draw an everyday object that you have never bothered to look at before - even after years of eating off the plate!

It has been so much fun drawing cups in my life in the past month - probably would not have done it without the thing-a-day commitment - so what shall I do in March?

090228 Everyday Cup TaD28

090228 New cups

Catching up on my sketches for thingaday plus other stuff....
090221 Lunch
090224 Japanese Lunch-TaD24
090226 Inside Cover- TaD26
090220 Necklace
090225 Paris Mug- TaD 25

090228 The Other Half of the Royal Albert Tea Set we go tea set (1950s-1990s) is only half of the special ‘100 years of Royal Albert’ set and so I feel like I have only completed half of the project. As my set came with a booklet describing all 10 designs and I have been able to find good enough pictures online...I am going to draw the remaining 5 decades. It is a real pity that i can't sketch these from life but only a low res image online. And it is a long time till my birthday (not that I get presents on my birthday anyway...) still it is fun to draw and dream!
ThingaDay_18 1900 Regency Blue
090219 Thingaday_19 1910 Duchess
ThingaDay_20 1920 SpringMeadow
ThingaDay_21 1930 Polka Rose
ThingaDay_22 1940 EnglishChintz

Thursday, February 19, 2009

090219 Weekly Spread

090219 This Week_Venice
I nearly always have fun when I open a new page of my journal... But sometimes I REALLY HAVE FUN! This page is one of those occasions – can you tell?

This week I was looking through a few journals from this time last year and the pages that I enjoyed re-visiting the most were the ‘This Week’ spreads that I sometimes did... A bit of a collage backdrop for dumping random thoughts or trivial events during the week. So I am going to start the practice again – of course some of the text needs to be obscured though none of it is that personal as my journal always gets handed around my friends.

Anyway, this week the spread is very architectural. I am trying to decide where to go on my overseas trip this year – it was going to be a long 3 month adventure but now just looks like it will be a short one. I am longing to go back to Venice again. I had a wonderful week there in Jan 06 (before my sketching-on-location-days) and spent 3 months beforehand researching its architecture. I even prepared my own architectural guide! A bit rusty on some of the names but looking at a map brings back so many memories and a vivid picture of the spaces and buildings.

So here are some scribble sketches that I used to inspire my random ramblings this week.(I know the week is not over to work out where I am going to put my bits for tomorrow...) A larger version is on my flickr - click on the photo and then hit the all sizes.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

090214 High Tea

090214 High Tea 01
090214 High Tea 02
090214 High Tea 03

A wonderful afternoon with girl friends. Was hard to sketch as well as eat and talk to everyone! But I think that I ate less because I was drawing.

Friday, February 13, 2009

090213 My New Tea Set

ThingaDay_09 1950s Festival
ThingaDay_10 1960s GoldenRoses
ThingaDay_11 1970s Poppy
ThingaDay_12 1980s Holyrood
ThingaDay_13 1990s HartingtonLane
I am participating in the thing-a-day challenge and have ended up drawing a lot of tea cups in the past week.

As a general rule, I find that I often draw my cups of tea and coffee (especially when out with friends) but got the idea of recording every cup in my life after being inspired by Vivian Swift’s collection of tea cups in her book When Wanderers Cease to Roam.

Getting a brand new Royal Albert tea set last week (a belated Xmas present) was the prompt to start. The tea set has 5 cups with 5 different designs each celebrating a different decade – some of you have been following the series on my flickr...but for the others here they all are in one post.

Mmm... I am a little sad that I have finished drawing my tea set. Of course there are many other cups in the house that I could draw. I am enjoying this theme, so might much for the ‘any old thing’ theme which was what I started the month aiming to draw every day. I still need to work on my cup drawings(I am architect that likes square buildings!)... having to draw a saucer as well adds to the challenge for me.

So? Any favourite?

Funny that when I got the set this time last week I liked the last one(90s) one the least... Yet I like its sketch the best. My favourite cup in real life is the 1950s one – so stylish...then the 1970s and then the 1960s...but of course I am splitting hairs!
I also wish that I had the other set (1900s-1940s) as well so that I have the complete series. But I don’t need another 5 cups! Maybe if I can find a big enough picture I can start drawing them instead.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Rain in Sydney desperately needed in Victoria!

090210 Sydney's Rain Needed in VIC

Quick sketch in the car on the way to work this morning (drawn and coloured at red lights) while listening to the latest news from the horrific bush fire disaster in Victoria.

Current figure is 173 deaths and over 700 homes totally destroyed and the fires are still burning. The worst natural disaster in the history of Australia – we are all deeply affected. On Saturday fire storms caused by temperatures around 47C/116F and strong winds gave people no chance of escaping. I personally don’t know anyone affected but friends of friends have lost loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with all those that suffer and the brave men and women all that fight on trying to control the fires and help the victims. We also think of those in QLD to the north that are suffering in floods!