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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Paris Day 07 - Last Day in Paris!

Going for the huge dump to upload all my remaining sketches tonight
Paris07_01 Map
Visit to a Le Corbusier buidling. This was my second time and it was interesting the changes since last time. Once again trying to work too quickly and I wish I had been able to sit.
Do I have to say that it is REALLY SPECIAL to be in a Le Cord building - the space is just so amazing!! I love this house!!!!
Paris07_02 Le Corb
Paris07_04 Le Corb
Paris07_03 Le Corb

Ws really thankful that Rick suggested this museum - it was wonderful. Eza and I sat at opposite sides of the stair and drew it through the mirror. I even snuck my paint tin out and painted it on location as there was no guards around!
Paris07_06 Final Musee
Paris07_07 Final Museeand sketch with Eza
Paris07_08 Special Treat
Special treat to finish my Paris holiday!!!! This is a totally 'paris breakfast' inspired experience!
Paris07_05 Food
Running out of pages so I combined my food together on one page.
Very sad to part from Eza and be on my own.... so of course I sketched my dinner for company!

Final sketch together with Eza - worked REALLY quickly for this one


  1. Liz, it's so great seeing your sketchbooks. Your style is all you- and it's super. And what you write in your journals is awesome too. I think it's great how you got to meet Rick in Paris. That's one of my goals for this coming year, especially since he's only a few hours away from me. God bless and Merry Christmas.

  2. Thankyou Rob!! Hope you get to meet Rick - it is a very cool experience.
    Hope you have a great Xmas and may God's blessing be on you and family for 2010

  3. I really enjoyed your Paris sketches. Thanks for sharing your journal.

    -Krista Meister