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Thursday, December 24, 2009

091224 Another day in Town

091224 Sketching in Town 1
I am trying to pretend that I am on one of my adventure holidays in another state or country so that I don't waste time just hanging at home... so today I had another sketching day in the city. This time with a friend, Wendy (quirkyartist on flickr). Spent the first two hours at the courtyard cafe at Sydney Hospital
091224 Sketching in Town 2
The general view from our table - Sydney Hospital.
Once again I have to be careful with the harsh Australian light... really trying to push myself to do more perspectives and complicated scenes.
091224 Sketching in Town 3
Next location was in sitting on a bench in the shade looking towards an historic church. Lovely cool breeze blowing on a warm day.
St James Church, Sydney
091224 Sketching in Town 4
After lunch (I did not draw lunch!) we went to Hyde Park and I sketched St Mary's cathedral. This is a nice little section of Sydney! A great day.
091224 Afternoon tea (T2)
Then I did a bit of shopping and ended up at... T2 tearoom AGAIN! Do you realise in my first 2 days of holiday I have had 3 tearoom experiences!?! This is my last T2 visit for this year.


  1. I like being a tourist in my own hometown. I live in a major tourist area (San Francisco) so it is great fun to look at it in new ways as you are this week. Thank you for sharing your sketches of Sydney. Unfortunately I know very little about Sydney and enjoy learning about it through your sketches.

  2. Excellent job with the view from your table there of the hospital! Very nice.

  3. Your stuff look amazing! I love your line, your colors, and writing! Everything is so beautiful..