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Friday, November 27, 2009

Day 17 Heading for the Highlands

Day 17_01 Summary
Time to get back to my travel sketchbooks – this is Volume 3. The Scottish Highlands. First Day was a huge driving day – from Glasgow to Skye in wild and wet weather all day.
Day 17_02 Glen Coe
Was hoping to do a nice sketch at Glen Coe as haven’t been there for 9 years but not to be... It still is pretty special in hostile weather though!
Day 17_03 Eileen Donan Castle
A quick sketch just before I crossed the bridge to Skye.... There was no way that I could drive past this ionic castle without doing a sketch could I?
Day 17_04 Portree Dinner
Just feeling exhausted but still I push myself to sketch....


  1. You have such a wonderful sketchbook- I love it! "Let us walk in the light."

  2. thanks so much Rob! I love your sketchbooks and encouraging posts as well!