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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

EDiM Day6

EDiM 06b Reference More Noses
Copies from Jack Hamm's book! Which one describes you?

EDiM 06A_Quick Sketch
I did this sketch at lunchtime... along with the noses.The 'stress' I was feeling at the time seems to be expressed in this sketch. I just have too much going on at the moment and yet I WANT to spend the month drawing people. I am starting to feel the pressure of this challenge and have a lot of chores that I really should be doing.... but of course I would prefer to draw!!
But I did manage to find some time tonight while having my cuppa to touch this page up and add some colour. Ok, now for some chores!

I have decided to drop back to one spread a day! I probably will still end up doing two pages...

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  1. The expression is captured so very well that I would say your May challenge is working - and to KEEP at it. Who cares about chores. You won't get to your dotage and think "Gees. I'm glad I did all those chores".