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Friday, May 8, 2009

EDiM Day 8

EDiM 08a Bad Habits
A light bulb moment last night when I had to hide a woman’s profile with the floating lemon tart... This page is a bit of an exaggeration but I think it is a trap that I have been finding myself fall into.
EDiM 08b Lunch
Also, I realised last night trying to do work in two journals at the same time – that the object of this month’s challenge is to start to include people into my sketches – doesn’t have to be exclusively people... Because I would feel totally deprived if I stopped drawing cups of tea and food.
EDiM 08c Final Quick Sketch
My third light bulb moment for the day is that I have a problem having to do 2 pages... But three (or even more perhaps??) is no problem...but of course there is no virtue in the number of pages that you do!


  1. What medium (media) did you use for this sketch - the black lines are wonderfully thick and juicy. I love it.

  2. Thanks! - using a pocket pentel brush pen - it is great. I use it for quick broad brush sketches. I love it!