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Thursday, May 7, 2009

EdiM 07 MORE pages!!!

EDiM 07B_Cafe Sketching1
Anita was certain, that after my resolution to only do one spread per day, I would still do two today! Well, she was right... and wrong. I did 3!! (In fact there is another 3/4 completed sketch in my daily sketchbook of the cup, saucer and pots from tonight's cuppa after late night shopping!... as people are taking priority I took a photo of my cup in order to finish this page tomorrow!)

There is no doubt that determination and practice is helping me... the total fear is not there anymore... but I am still realizing that there is still some left brain interference- especially with the profile! (the floating lemon tart is hiding the evidence of this!)
EDiM 07C_Cafe Sketching2
And I did this one just before everyone left... amazing how eccentric you feel when you write down your then feel like you were actually having a conversation with yourself.
I LOVE this tearoom (as you all know) but it is a pity that so many objects in it are black... and now that we are heading towards winter most of the people are wearing black.


  1. It is this second sketch that has me. There is so much expression in those shoulders. I can tell those women are warm cuddly women all very good friends with each other. It is an intimate scene.

    Listen to me! No. No art training. Just opinionated about anything and everything.

  2. thanks Loani!! I appreciate all your comments....and yes you sound like a real pro!
    Most people look at and comment on my flickr account. I try to keep this blog up for the few people that only look at the blog.

  3. I love how balanced this sketch is between line and wash. You used "just enough" color without letting it interefere with the line drawing. Mine usually end up like coloring book pages. A full drawing that has been colored. This is a great job!