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Saturday, May 9, 2009

090509 More EDiM...

Looking into the future...
EDiM 09a Looking towards the future
this is how my best friend's 3 year old will look like in 10 years time! Sound convincing? Ok, to be honest, I knew when I was drawing with the ink that the head and the features were too small - hopefully next time I will get it right!?!

After just over one week of Every Day in May I am VERY EXCITED that the silly fear I had of drawing people seems to have gone. Sure, I can't yet achieve a likeness and still have so much to learn... but I am just happy to have a go now. I didn't feel the dread sketching Nick which I would have a few months ago!

Thank you everyone for your encouragement and inspiration. Without my e-friends this would not have happened!
EDiM 09b Drawing Session1
Last week, while I was sketching the tree, I mentioned that something exciting happened! The wife of a cartoonist/ people sketcher walked past and then he came out for a chat. Well today we had a drawing session. The caricature on the left is his work and mine on the right. Got some tips and great to have a willing model!
EDiM 09c Drawing Session2
On the left at J's suggestion, I painted first and added the ink lines later.On the right my brush pen again.
090509 Another Tree
Was a lovely afternoon and I had a few minutes spare to sketch the tree in the backyard - the same species as the tree I drew last Saturday. There are quite a few in our street.

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  1. I like your drawings of people! I'm glad you decided to take the plunge and give it a try.


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