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Saturday, April 11, 2009

090411 Sketchcrawl in The Blue Mountains

No response from anyone in the Blue Mountains for the International Sketchcrawl so I did it alone today!

I am normally part of the Sydney team but was away for 2.5 days in the Blue Mountains 1.5 ours out of Sydney. I have been sketching the whole time so my sketchcrawl has been a marathon since Thursday afternoon. As I was doing the tourist thing, I didn’t go on a sketching excursion today (weather wasn’t the best either) but I did sketch whenever I could and tried to record every event of my day. (I even drew in the guestbook of the B&B)
So here are my sketches from today... ( Use this link to see the rest of them ...will try to post them here in the next week )

090411_01 Pre-Breakfast Warmup
090411_02 Breakfast
090411_10 Guestbook
090411_03 Red Door Morning Tea
090411_04 Main St Leura
090411_05 Lunch at Katoomba
090411_09 Time to head Home
090411_07 Drive Home
090411_08 Back Home


  1. Great sketches Liz, nice variety! That mirror is really quite fabulous.

  2. I enjoy your blog very much. It is an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Awesome sketches recording your adventure. It is nice to see how you captured highlights from a multi-day venture. Thanks for sharing!

  4. hi,
    my name is Jeanie and I write for a Community Newspaper in the Upper Blue Mountains - 'the Echo'
    I am currently writing a small article about 'Green's' in Leura, and Hayley directed me to your lovely sketches. Would it be possible for us to use one alongside the article, and to mention that you stayed at Green's? Unfortunately we can't offer payment, as we run on a shoestring, but of course we would credit the image to you (or to Borromini, and his website, if you both prefer)
    best regards, Jeanie

  5. Hi Jeanie, I tried to send an email to you but not sure if you got it.

  6. sorry, no I didn't!
    email address is
    My work phone number is on the Echo site, on the pdf/back issues, if you would prefer to call.

  7. I tried again... I hope it goes through this time!