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Monday, March 23, 2009

090323 Ca' Rezzonico

I rarely give up on a drawing late at night.... But tonight I am just WAY too tired to finish this here is a work in progress of another Venetian palace. Notice how I am not particularly systematic as I build up the sketch...especially when tired!

090321 Stay tuned

I have done a lot of the hard work in looking and understanding how the building is put together ‘all’ that remains to be done is to draw it...sounds so simple...doesn’t it!?! (a bit of sarcasm here!?!)


090323 Ca' Rezzonico
ok... here is the finished sketch. What was I thinking to attempt this late on Saturday evening!! This sketch is seriously all over the place.
Whilst I can't say that it was totally relaxing to do this after another LONG day at work I did get a bit of a buzz from finishing it!

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  1. Been looking at your Flickr but thought I'd visit and see what else you've been up to! This looks like a serious labour of love. It's fantastic. So much detail would scare me.