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Saturday, February 28, 2009

090228 The Other Half of the Royal Albert Tea Set we go tea set (1950s-1990s) is only half of the special ‘100 years of Royal Albert’ set and so I feel like I have only completed half of the project. As my set came with a booklet describing all 10 designs and I have been able to find good enough pictures online...I am going to draw the remaining 5 decades. It is a real pity that i can't sketch these from life but only a low res image online. And it is a long time till my birthday (not that I get presents on my birthday anyway...) still it is fun to draw and dream!
ThingaDay_18 1900 Regency Blue
090219 Thingaday_19 1910 Duchess
ThingaDay_20 1920 SpringMeadow
ThingaDay_21 1930 Polka Rose
ThingaDay_22 1940 EnglishChintz


  1. Wonderful! What a delight to see!

  2. Perhaps it has more to do with the making art work of art work, painting a painting, old thing, new eyes. Still life lives.