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Saturday, February 28, 2009

090228 A busy journal day

Not sure what triggers my weekend migraine-like headaches...but I don’t seem to be able to avoid them at the moment.
090228 A Headache

A bit of a girl page... The text says it all. I am absolutely loving the portrait format of my journal but the cartridge paper is a bit limiting – and of course I have to fill the page with large areas of wash... The paper does bubble a bit but I can cope with it. Let me know if anyone knows of a portrait format hardbound journal with watercolour paper – I might have to try the handbook again....
090228 Handbag Dilemma

Thankfully I started to feel better in the afternoon as my nephews came around – I sketch while they ran around the backyard – last day of summer so just had to be outside.
090228 In the garden

Went to the suburb where I spent the first 7 years of my life this evening to do my guerrilla photography assignment for the week. Of course, I had to do a quick sketch as well.
It is rather tragic when a significant landmark building (of your childhood) is demolished but even worse when there is a sad and lonely portion remaining to remind you of what is no more....
090228 Unwanted Steeple

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  1. Wow, you DID have a busy journal day! Very nice work. It is always a pleasure to view your blog.