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Saturday, January 24, 2009

090124 Food ABC

A new project
Sketchbook Project 2009.
Fill a pocket moleskine cahier notebook before February
the theme: 'Everyone we know'
My take - is 'Everyone we know loves food' such as.....

I am so predictable I know... but I had to find something that I can easily fill a book with.

The paper is not suitable for applying water to so I am doing it with WC pencils or crayons and working fast...
Unfortunately the ink and colour will come through and the paper crinkle but hey - that is ok... more fun!
I am seriously worried about how I am going to get this done in the time that I just have to get stuck into it and not worry too much about the individual pages!
A new project!
Macadamia Nuts

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  1. The need to just get stuck in and do the sketches may well be the key to producing quality as well as quantity - I remember that the "Every Day in May" challenge last year really helped me to bypass the usual ums and ahs of starting a drawing.

    These are terrific - and oh yum, haggis!!