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Saturday, January 17, 2009

090117 101_8 S Francesco Rimini

Can you believe it... I haven’t used my paints all week!! (but have still drawing nearly every day in the food ABC with WC pencils- just haven’t been scanning and posting them)
Anyway, tonight I felt the urge to get back to my 101 buildings project... It has been a while since I did one. Ah! There is something about drawing Italian Renaissance or Baroque architecture that just hits the spot for me!
This building, by Alberti, was never finished and is based on the Roman triumphal arch motif (for those of you who are interested)090117 101_8 S Francesco Rimini


  1. Hello,

    I LOVE your sketches of buildings!

    So it is with unrestrained enthusiasm that I am awarding you the "arte y pico award" which was awarded to me recently (the link/image is on my blog at