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Friday, July 25, 2008

Time to get back to drawing people - a new very special book has been my prompt'

A quick sketch that is certainly not a likeness! But I won't improve without practice...

It is ironic that a new, exciting and totally amazing architectural book should be the inspiration for drawing people - but there are so many photos of Corb in it that I feel like doing a mini series. Also the book is SO HUGE that some of the pictures are life size!

Another sketch from my enormous Le Corbusier Le Grand book - the book is 19.6 x 14.3 x 3.9 inches and weighs 21.5 pounds (9.7kg)

BTW there are another 2 sketches that I did tonight that I will not post!!!

080725 Non Food Posts

A bit sick of all my food sketches....

For something different - that is not food - some scribble pages from the back of my journal... write silly notes to myself(probably doesn't make any sense...)
I just started looking at the wet canvas site - wow! lots there! - and thought I would copy a tree
Also notice the CLASSIC mistake of not being able to fit the top of the building on the page...but as I said I was tired!

Totally out of control here!Another rough sketchy page.... coloured half drawn and coloured while I was on the phone....

Outlines drawn in the dark in the car - colour added later that night

Monday, July 21, 2008

080721 Afternoon Tea in May

Through flickr, I have come across Gill, who manages a great webpage full of journal info and inspiration. I am honoured that she has just posted one of my sketches on her site. So as it is not on my blog I add it now... Plus links to the journalcraft site.

I did this sketch before I got really obsessed about drawing everything I eat. It was easier than other occasions as I wasn’t eating anything (only having was a cup of earl grey tea) so I didn’t have to eat and draw at the same time. Though it was challenging to draw while my friend rapidly consumed the ham and cheese sandwich!

Journal Craft homepage

Link to my image on the Journal Craft site

Friday, July 18, 2008

080716 Finishing my Food Diary

Hard to believe that I have managed to sketch nearly everything I have eaten for the past month - it has been so much fun and it is so good to always have a subject to draw.
A few days break and then I will start volume 2!
BTW, I am sorry for all you bloggers that I haven't been keeping this blog up to date. I started with flickr and upload to it without thinking...but posting here is the extra step that I never seem to have time for.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

080709 Amazing Italian Architects

A few of my favourite Italian architects and their famous work - from High Renaissance to Baroque...

Naturally, I had to chose the BEST architect (Borromini) and then find 3 companions for him! I am not sure what those highly respected architects would think of what I have done with my colours!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

080708 So Far this week....

More food diary pages....
asked me about my technique so I will add it here as well

I have the advantage of being left handed with a brush and pen but use my fork in the right hand. So....
I normally draw quick outline, and then if I need to cut my food up I do this next (I eat a lot of stir fries with bite size food so this helps), then I start to eat from the back side of the plate so I can finish the outlines. Then, if there is no need for me to leading the conversation during the meal, I often start painting while I am still eating (using a waterbrush) - otherwise I do the colour from memory when I am finished my meal (but still sitting at the table)
I am developing my technique all the time.
And then more food - this time for a EDM challenge.
Two versions of an onion ... both were out of control though in different time frames- the first one took about an hour (waiting for washes to dry) and the second one 10minutes - and living with any consequences.

Friday, July 4, 2008

080703 Food Food Food

Another 3 days of my food diary... somedays it seems take a lot of time to draw and paint and other days it just seems to 'happen' while I am eating...or at least doesn't seem to take much extra time.