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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

081230 Just hanging around Sydney

081229 Monet Take4

Another visit to the Art Gallery to see the current Monet exhibition. I don't normally go to an exhibition so many times - but different friends wanted to see it with me. Each time is different - this time I met my first flickr friend in real life - The colourguru.
So cool that we have so many mutual friends.
A quick sketch of the Art Gallery while I was waiting....

081229 Monet Haystacks

Like most things I do - I did this quickly and had lots of fun. Did this when I got home from the catalogue without looking at it too closely - my favourite painting in the exhibition.

081230 T2 Teahouse

A rather crazy spread that I did in a tearoom in my local shopping centre(mall). Been meaning to stop and have a earl grey tea there one day - it was wonderful. Pity I couldn't paint at the time so added colour once back home.I did try finger painting but it was a bit too hard and messy!
Is it obvious that I was having loads and loads of fun when I did this?
I will have to go back again sometime soon.


  1. Delightful! I do enjoy your work, especially, how you combine the visual with the text. Great job.

  2. Ditto what Susans, do you have a way with composition.

  3. Great sketches. I don't think you overdid the ink on your teapots at all. They look wonderful. I love the sketch of the picture you liked at the showing that you did in color.

    Happy New Year.