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Saturday, December 13, 2008

081212 More Tea cosies

From Wild Tea Cosies

They are SO much fun to draw!! I have actually gone out and bought some wool and have started knitting one of the simpler ones.


  1. Three down. 21 to go :-) What a fab thing you knitting again. Now just please let your mum know that the only mistake in the entire book is in Rosie Posy. The base should read K2P2 all the way through. Murphy's Law and all that. I've been checking your blog all week waiting for more of your Sydney sketches and then that great plethora! (With a bit of tea cosy nonsense added.)

  2. These are super Liz. Yes, I can see you illustrating future tea cosies for a book. They make a very interesting addition to a photo of them.

  3. oooh Lovely- I just knitted a couple for a friend :) I was very proud of one (I even took photos) the other... well, nobody's perfect ;)