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Friday, July 25, 2008

080725 Non Food Posts

A bit sick of all my food sketches....

For something different - that is not food - some scribble pages from the back of my journal... write silly notes to myself(probably doesn't make any sense...)
I just started looking at the wet canvas site - wow! lots there! - and thought I would copy a tree
Also notice the CLASSIC mistake of not being able to fit the top of the building on the page...but as I said I was tired!

Totally out of control here!Another rough sketchy page.... coloured half drawn and coloured while I was on the phone....

Outlines drawn in the dark in the car - colour added later that night


  1. I really like the energy in your sketches! your washes of color are just right.

  2. Hi Liz,
    You made me quite nostalgic of my Arch. student years with those Le Corbusier sketches! I also love the playfulness of the "How to draw a circle" pages. Keep posting! :)