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Friday, June 27, 2008

080627 Even more food

Sketching a lot these days - and even in public but it is only more food!

I ended up drawing dinner twice once on location and then to fill my food diary page up.... the counting is getting a little easier (if I am doing it right!)

Sketching on a small table in a middle of a restaurant while you are eating dinner does seem to draw attention... hard to do when the food is so good!
Out to dinner again - I have a friend visiting.
Too much Asian food in the last 24 hours?
Buffet breakfast at the hotel I was staying was a nice treat.
I feel like I ate so much food today but still roughly within my target - after the strict weight loss diet this amount of food seems so excessive - and a bit rich!

I have now done this for 2 weeks... not sure how long I will be able to keep it up (maybe I am just tired tonight...)


  1. These are fantastic, Liz! I love food sketches and yours have such life and charm---your colors are great! Yes, I'm a fan ;D.

  2. Wow these are awesome! YOur sketches are so detailed and vivid

  3. I agree too! Awesome work!
    What do you carry, daily, for art supplies? I've been trying to find the right combo myself.

  4. Cool sketches! Your pages look really great, with the fine drawings and great colors. Now I'm definitely hungry!