121117 Blenheim Revisited (Saturday night armchair sketching)

November 17, 2012 | 2 Comments

Just want to mention (again!( how much I am LOVING the larger size of the A4 watercolour moleskine.

Revisiting Blenheim Palace – possibly my favourite building in all of the UK and it was certainly a dream come true to spend a whole day sketching there. I am a real Hawksmoor and Vanburgh fan!!!

I have been itching to do a longer more elaborate sketch as for the last 2 months I have been unable to sketch for longer than 15minutes due to some treatment to my neck and shoulders… so an armchair sketch with the additional comfort of a hot water bottle has hit the spot tonight. BTW I forgot to discuss with my physio this afternoon a number of my thoughts about best sketching practice for neck and shoulders and back… but I will do a big feature on this soon!
I am certainly not used to mixing enough paint to cover areas in this larger size so there is some colour variation in this that was not planned. Also, although I wasn’t intending to do consistent linework on both sides of the building, I did get bored with the ink part(after 10 minutes- shocking!) a sign that I do need to slow down a little!(the story of my life)
Interesting to see the contrast with the sketch I did at the time of my visit in 2010 …but I have done a LOT of sketching in the last 2 years haven’t I?
Sept 2010 Sketching at Blenheim


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    Oh my goodness that is such a LOT of work! My congratulations to you for having the patience to do all that detail (I am now quite lazy and go for instant satisfaction wherever possible ...). Love your work - and I have to support someone who travels with a bear!

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