• David Jack - January 22, 2011 reply

    It was so great! Thanks for sharing it :D


  • t.t. for spoonables - January 23, 2011 reply

    I love your work. I have been toying with the idea of restarting my sketchbook journal. I did it for a while prior to my daughter's birth, and then after her arrival, well, life took over and the journal got tucked away. But after coming across your blog, I'm so inspired to start again.
    I even started a blog to make myself getting closer to the edge...Thank you for that extra push.

  • AutumnLeaves - January 23, 2011 reply

    Hurried? I think they are stunning sketches!

  • Cathy Gatland - January 24, 2011 reply

    What a great turnout Liz, and wonderful sketches. I'm thrilled to vaguely recognise Manly, where I spent half a day once!!

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