090507 Visit to T2 tearoom again

May 8, 2009 | 2 Comments

090507 t2 Tearoom

Here is my page that I did last night at my favourite tearoom. I didn’t quite finish the painting as they closed their doors and I thought I better leave. So I added the rest of the paint tonight.

Yet again, a different pot, cup and saucer from last visit. The pot on the left page was my ‘table number’. The floral decoration was what was on the red saucer! I know I don’t need to say this AGAIN… but I LOVE this place.

Doing these sketches certainly loosens me up for drawing people…even I am rather amazed at how fast and loose I do these sketches and once in the mood….


  • Grand Purl Baa - May 8, 2009 reply

    Glorious glorious colour. Yum.

  • Deborah - May 11, 2009 reply

    Oh wow! This is a gorgeous spread. I love that it has so much color and so much happening. Very interesting and the composition is great! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I'm glad I found yours! I'll be back...

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