081129 This Week

November 29, 2008 | 2 Comments

What I have been drawing this week:

This Weeks EDM challenge
Wasn’t going to bother drawing my toe – and then I thought of a reason to do so. This is life size!

As I e-hang-out with so many Americans I thought that I better have a token thanksgiving dinner. Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving and did not eat too much! Thinking about turkey… time for a little research. I only had a tiny drawing to copy from – wish it had been bigger so I could have made a better attempt to get the head right

Saturday visit from Friends


  • Ann - December 1, 2008 reply

    Wonderful sketches! Good job on the toe challenge and I enjoy seeing all of your inspiring works here.

  • freebird - December 1, 2008 reply

    Great toe challenge and fun memory. Glad you could join in with our Thanksgiving feasting! That cheddar does sound good! And then you gobbled it up - great humor. Your boys page turned out great too.

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