080605 HugeTreat

June 5, 2008 | 1 Comment

080605 HugeTreat
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How exciting – after 16 weeks of a strict diet I celebrate by having sushi for lunch!
I really should not have splurged so much – so much rice might prove to be too much for my system. I was supposed to be a bit more restrained and only have 2 slices of low GI soy linseed bread.
Needless to say I enjoyed it!

Funny how most of my sketches are either buildings or food?!

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  • seesue - June 5, 2008 reply

    De blog boss, de blog! Hurrah! Welcome to the land of blog. I love looking at peoples art blogs (for some reason way more than flicker acct's) I love your work so much I'm off to pop your new blog into my favourites just as soon as I say that to delete that first post I think that you just enter as if to creat a new post, choose edit, click on that first post to deal with it. Clear as mud? Fine then. Good luck and again, WELCOME!

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